Robot Navigation Using Virtual Touchscreen

Robot Navigation Using Virtual Touchscreen

Автор: Nikhil Ghate,Aditya Khambekar and Chinmay Save


Humans perform various physical as well as mental tasks with great accuracy.Furthermore, humans do not require any measurements to perform those tasks.For example,parking a car,playing tennis etc.The computational methods on the other hand are based on mathematical modeling.Hence,we try to model different scenarios and incorporate it using artificial intelligence.Thus robots have been successful only in the controlled environments such as a factory. Similarly,navigation is quite easy for a human but for a robot all the scenarios need to be detailed.The world is moving towards robots that can navigate their way autonomously.Nowadays,progress in the field of computer science allows us to endow machines with enough intelligence so that they can act autonomously. Initially robots were operated using wired remote.Then came in wireless remotes.But today we find even a wireless remote very cumbersome.We want that each and every thing should be operated using our fingers. Keeping this need…

Издатель: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Год: 2012



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Robot Navigation Using Virtual Touchscreen

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